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Kuwait’s historic decision to grant full political rights to women added spice to the Gulf state’s election campaign, sparking comments that ranged from enthusiastic support to outright rejection. Opponents include Kuwaiti Islamists and even some women.
The decree giving women the vote and allowing them to stand as candidates in parliamentary and municipal elections in 2003 was issued by Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah last week and has sparked off fierce debate in the tiny Gulf state. The Islamist movements are up in arms over the...
The Emir of Kuwait has issued a decree enfranchising women to vote and stand for public office in 2003. Opposition to the decree was immediate from the groups in opposition to the government, some of it on religious grounds.
The infamous Article 291 of the penal code, which exempts a rapist from punishment if he marries his victim, was canceled by the People’s Assembly on 20 April. Lawyers and women’s activists, who’d been pushing for years for amendment to the law, hailed the decision as a partial victory for women’s...
The article discusses the Al-Misyar marriage, a form of marriage that is applied during travel, which has become a phenomenon not only in the Arabian Gulf countries, but in other Arab countries as well.


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