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The article bears an interview with Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī, director of Egypt’s branch of the Canada-based Middle East Christian Association [MECA], who has been under arrest for three months on charges of provoking sectarian strife and scorning religions.
The article reports on the decision of the State Security Prosecution to extend the detention of two members of the Middle East Christians Association for another 30 days pending investigation.
The Middle Eastern Christian Association threatens to incite civil disobedience in Egypt. Coptic clergymen and laymen reject the threats and denounce any action that could threaten the country’s stability.
The Middle East Christian Association is facing troubles with the Egyptian authorities. Two of its members in Egypt are in jail, facing charges of contempt against Islam.
A photographer for the Canada-based Middle East Christian Association [MECA] Dr. Peter ‘Izzat was recently arrested along with Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī on charges of inflaming sectarian strife, contempt for Islam, and revolting against the state. ‘Izzat denies all charges, wondering why he would scorn Islam...
The press review deals with the charges directed against the Middle East Christians Association.
The article reviews a book published by a Coptic organization in Canada that claims that discrimination against Copts in Egypt has been systematically practiced by all successive regimes throughout the history of Egypt.
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