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The author reviews on a full page three books by three different writers dealing with the Copts of Egypt and the history of their relations with Muslims.
Dr. Ra´fat Abdel-Hamid´s “Egyptian thought in the Christian Age” tackles the different Christian philosophical schools. Dr. Abdel-Hamid pointed out that many of the Church Fathers believed that the study of philosophy was contrary to the Christian faith.
Both Christians and Muslims ought to be proud of the Coptic history of Egypt and of the unique role of the Coptic Church on both national and spiritual levels. The reason for such pride is that it represents a link in the chain of Egyptian history. The author expressed the opinion that nations do...
[Mulid is a popular religious festival on the anniversary of a venerated religious figure, usually held in the locality with which he or she is closely associated] Mar Girgis is the most famous religious figure whose day of death [the day he was reborn in eternal life] people celebrate. This is...
In a long and detailed article the author made a skilful book review of the "History of Christian thinking in Egypt " by Dr. Ra’afat Abdel Hamid, who brought to the light a missed episode in the history of Egypt, in a volume of 360 pages.
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