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The U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2007 has strongly criticized the Egyptian government for engaging in procedures that stifle the religious freedom of its religious minorities.
The Middle East Christian Association is facing troubles with the Egyptian authorities. Two of its members in Egypt are in jail, facing charges of contempt against Islam.
Signs of a new crisis between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Culture because of a new book issued by the General Egyptian Book Organization entitled, ’Min Dalā’il ‘Azamah al-Risālah al-Muh...
Muhammad al-Disūqī Rushdī of al-Dustūr believes that the relationship between the Islamic thinker Dr. Muh...
The writer criticizes what is happing on satellites channels and those who broadcast unreasonable religious opinions that mislead the youth.
Hānī Labīb criticizes what Dr.‘Imārah has said in the meeting with the graduates of the Azhar University about al-fitnah al-tā’ifīyah in Egypt.
Rev. Rif‘at Fikrī Sa‘īd writes about the policy of Takfīr followed by both Muslims and Christians.
The author of the article refutes the idea that embracing the "right" religion is behind the advancement of peoples. He also criticizes what he considered the defamation of the Shī‘ah in the media.
The article discusses the questions surrounding article two of the Constitution, and who has the authority to call for its amendment. The author wonders who has the right to speak on behalf of the Copts.
The article talks about the second edition of Dr. Muḥammad ‘Imārah’s book which is considered incomplete as it does not include Dr. cImārah’s apology.


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