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In spite of the different churches inaugurated in different parts of the world, the Coptic Orthodox Church witnessed serious challenges in 2007.
A secret front formed by bishops in Upper Egypt is discussing the idea of choosing a bishop to compete for the papal chair in case of Pope Shenouda’s death.
The article reviews the controversial book of the Bishop of Samālūt Bishop Paphnotius entitled, ’The Inevitability of Leading a Renaissance in the Church Function.’
The author criticizes al-Badīl for claiming that it exclusively has released a proposed bylaw on the election of the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church given by Bishop Paphnotius, though it was earlier published by Rose al-Yūsuf 15 months ago.
The author reports on activities of Bishop Paphnotius, bishop of Minia’s Samālūṭ and Ṭahā al-A‘midah, within his diocese; besides, his discord with Pope Shenouda over his book ‘Hatmīyah al-Nuhūd bi-al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [The Necessity of improving the Church’s Performance].
The author discusses Bishop Paphnotius’ ideas because of their importance in clarifying the real crisis that led to the emergence of the laymen’s group.
The author narrates the life of Pope Shenouda. He points to the perception that Pope Shenouda is considered to be the father and leader of all Egyptian Christians.
Nabīl Munīr Ḥabīb, a lawyer and researcher in human rights, imposes five different approaches among Christian circles concerning the issue of church reform. He lists a number of books that discuss church reform throughout the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The controversial book by Bishop Paphnotius is entitled, ‘Hatmyyah al-Nuhūd bil-al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [Inevitable Advancement of Church Work]. The following article presents an overview of the book, including the controversial material it published on the intricate inside workings of the Coptic...
In the article, the bishop of Samālūt, Bishop Paphnotius., responds to al-Maydān’s article, in which it claims that a book about raising the performance of the church has been banned following a papal order. The book is entitled, Hatmīyah al-Nuhūd bi-al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [the Necessity of Raising...


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