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The head of the Ansar Al-Sharī‘a organization in London stressed that Iran handed Rifa’i Taha, the head of the military wing of the Jamā‘āt al-Islāmīyah over to Syria and they then handed him over to Egypt. Still, fundamentalist sources in Egypt did not confirm the news. From another...
The British police detained the Egyptian fundamentalist Yasser Al-Serry, the head of the Islamic Media Observatory based in London. It investigated the activities of his Observatory and accuses him of being involved in the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the head of the Afghan opposition.
Bow Street Court released Yasser Al-Serri, the director of the Islamic Media Observatory on bail. After he was released, Police from Scotland Yard detained him because he is accused of financing Ahmed Abdel-Rahman who is linked to the Qa´ida organization.
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