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In the article, the criticisms of a number of thinkers and politicians have been continually targeting the banned Muslim Brotherhood group on their proposed manifesto for their political party, which has excluded non-Muslims and women from running for presidency.
The author talks about the Muslim Brotherhood and their ideology as an example of the so-called ’Islamized Terrorism’ which is based on a deliberate confusion between Islam and political interests.
The author refutes Maḥmūd Shākir’s attacks on Judaism and Christianity by citing Qur’ānic verses and moderate interpretations of the Qur’ān that admire both Christians and Jews.
Let’s quickly look at some quotations from the writings of Sayyed Qutb. In his book “Al-Islam wa Mushkelat Al-Hadara” [Islam and the dilemmas of civilization], Qutb wrote “A thousand books about Islam, a thousand sermons in mosques and a thousand films about Islam are not enough. Creating a small...
The writer is discussing the debate about suggestions for reforming religious curricula for secondary schools, because these curricula are said to repeat, word by word, phrases from the books of the executed ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb.
This article reviews the book, ‘Listening to Islam,’ an attempt to present Islam objectively through the eyes of four very different people, two Christian and two Muslim. The author asserts that the book is a very useful and thought provoking introduction to the problems of Christian/Muslim...
The article is a book review of a book about the Muslim Brothers. A few weeks ago Rifa’at Sa’id attacked the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in el-Ahali because he called for asking for protection money from Coptic Christians who, in the view of the supreme guide, cannot be trusted as loyal...
The Jihād organization considers that governments which do not apply sharica [Islamic law] must be attacked in order to force them to do so.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s practical steps are sure a far cry from their declared theoretical ideas. One may wonder why they have been in hibernation all these years as to stage demonstrations calling for political reform.


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