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Publisher: Uitgeverij Meinema, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (2009)Translator: Sandra HeijdenEditor: Alexander Wamboldt The preface to Eildert Mulder and Thomas Milo’s 2009 book ’The Contested Sources of Islam’, where the authors introduce the four German revisionist historians whose theories about...
The following discusses an individual’s decision to convert from Islam to Catholicism, and the resulting difficulties he faced.
The campaign against Islam and Muslims is still going on in the US and Europe, and the attacks against Islam - the instigator of terrorism - are getting stronger every day. Those who defend Islam are absent from the international scene, and when they move, they do not follow a clear policy and do...
Hāzim ‘Abduhlists a number of Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers and writers, whom he says have launched a vicious campaign against Islām in an attempt to undermine Islamic culture and values.
The present clash between Europe and the Islamic World is the result of a history of events.
Dr. Hasan ‘Abd Rabuh al -Misrī discusses the lifestyle of Muslims living in the U.K.
The author argues that it is no good believing in an interfaith dialogue as long as there are double standards when it comes to dealing with Muslims.
‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt denounces Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, as containing many errors and false allegations. He adds that the book is nothing but an attack on Christianity.
With neo-orientalists’ hectic media campaigns, how could bridges for rational dialogue be built in a way that offers full and authentic understanding of our great Shari’a?
Irshad Manji is a Muslim journalist of a Pakistani descent. She is a sexual pervert and had no qualms about writing a book in which she criticizes Muslims’ way of thinking as "backward" beliefs. In her twisted explanation, Manji said Muslims have to face the reality: the prophet was illiterate and...


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