CAWU presents its Learning Center on Saturday November 17th and Open Day on Saturday December 1st

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Thu, 2018-11-01
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Student Diana with intern Camille Balcou


The Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) started in September a Learning Center for disadvantaged children with the support of Eileen Werner, a highly qualified professional teacher with lots of experience. CAWU provides the legal framework but is not able to cover all costs. Two-three months later Eileen Werner, the Principal of the Learning Center, is able to show the first fruits of her work and ask for support to further develop this much needed Learning Center.


On Saturday November 17th, CAWU presents its new Learning Center at the St. John the Baptist Church Christmas Bazaar. Products will be on sale which will go towards funding specific needs for the Learning Center and the educational support of its first student. On the 1st of December, the CAWU Learning Center is opening its doors to anyone who is interested to see the unique teaching that is taking place, in an event that will take place between 14:00 and 17:00 pm.


Eileen Werner started to work with Diana DeLamou, a 19 years old Guinean girl, who never had the opportunity for a complete school education. Her mother escaped to Guinea during the civil war in Liberia at the end of the 1990s, while pregnant with Diana. Her father disappeared during the conflict which made it even harder for her mother to raise her children. Diana never had an opportunity for education in Guinea, and when her mother came with daughter Diana and her younger sister to Cairo, she could not send her children to an Egyptian school, because she is not Egyptian. She has not been able to afford an international school because the costs were too high. Diana is not alone. Many Africans in Egypt, are unable to give their children a proper education. As a consequence, many children have not gone to a school for many years. Therefore, they have missed a lot of the building blocks of a regular education. Parents try as best as they can to give their children an education, but once they already have a learning gap they not only find themselves in a different country, but within a classroom where no one takes into consideration their specific needs.


The socio-economic level of these families is not high. One would expect that a private school would be able to deal with this problem in a better way, but the majority of members of these communities cannot afford international private schools fees. So, this is not a real option for them. Thus many families decide to go for home education, either done by the family itself or by private tutors. Most parents and private tutors are not trained or qualified to teach the broad based curriculum that these students sorely need.


This is the reason for the creation of the CAWU Learning Center to provide affordable quality teaching. Eileen Werner believes it is possible that in five years Diana can reach her goal of an internationally recognized school diploma, if she continues to maintain the amount of effort needed during this time that she is giving now. That will be a tremendous achievement if we take into consideration that Diana has tested at the level of a 2nd grade elementary school student.


In order to bring students rapidly to the level of a high school diploma, the system has to be different from the ones public schools and some international academies are using. This entails the implementing of a state of the art interactive learning methods, whereby, students are continuously participating, either individually or in small groups. By doing this, the CAWU Learning Center is not only ensuring that students progress, but it also guarantees that those who have missed important elements in their education are reducing the gap between them and the other more fortunate students.


During the Open Day Eileen Werner will show how she teaches, how the interactive system functions, and how this will tremendously benefit the individual student. Diana DeLamou will also be present. They will show how much Diana has already learned since the Learning Center opened on September 2, 2018. This Open Day is for anyone who wants to see a totally different learning method from what is common in Cairo. Anyone with a heart for students with learning gaps is welcome, but also parents or their guardians or sponsors who have children with an education gap or who want close to individual education are most welcome.


Though the subject of learning gaps has been addressed in this article, the CAWU Learning Center is not a special needs center. It is fully able to cater to students of all levels from the age of 13+. They will be tested and placed in an appropriate level after an admissions test. The center is using an open grading system, whereby the students will grouped by ability, not age, nor previous grade levels.

The learning center also needs people willing to adopt the education costs for one student. For the 2018-2019 academic year that is only 9000 EgP (450 Euro) per year. For many expatriates this is not a large sum of money, yet many African families cannot afford this. Thus please help the Center to give more students a chance.


These events will be used to raise funds for equipment the center needs, and the fulfillment of Diana’s   continued educational goals as well as open opportunities for other students. You can adopt the education costs of one student. You can also help us with the funding of teaching material or assist us as a volunteer teacher. Donations of computers and audio visual aids will be happily accepted, and educational supplies such as paper, ink etc would be great too.


Event Locations: CAWU Learning Center table at the St. John the Baptist Church Christmas bazaar on 17 November: Port Said Street, near the crossing of street 82 and street 17; between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.


Open Day: Center for Arab-West Understanding, 90 Street 14b, Maadi, Cairo, between 2pm and 5pm.


Fund Raising Raffle: Date and location of the draw still to be announced (If you have a prize to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact us).



For more information, please email us on: learning.cent[email protected] or

Tel.: Eileen Werner: +(2)01100424582


Cairo, November 1, 2018


Joan Cabrera Robles, 

M.A. Political Science and Management CEU-University, Spain

M.A. in Diplomacy, FESEI, Madrid

Intern with the Spanish Embassy in Cairo, January-July, 2017

Intern with the Center for Arab-West Understanding, starting October 1st