The Arab West Report strives to provide you the best possible reviews of articles published in selected Arab media.

This selection is primarily limited to Egyptian Arab media sources for practical and financial reasons; AWR is based in Egypt and thus has easy access to Egyptian Arab media. AWR could expand its media selection to other media if the financial means were made available for this.

AWR selects articles on the basis of the subjects they cover, not the opinions they present. As a result AWR seeks to provide an overview of the different opinions that exist in selected Arab media. The placement of articles does not mean that AWR approves of the opinions expressed in these articles.

AWR is building a specialized electronic library to deal with subjects that are important for a better understanding of Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations. The subjects covered are listed here.

As with any library it is possible to include articles with conflicting opinions that deal with the same subject. We want to encourage people of different convictions to engage in dialogue, exchange views and present new facts and information.

The reviews are made by professional translators who exert every effort possible to render the opinion of the author as faithfully as possible into English. The original Arabic texts are stored in the AWR archive but can be accessed on request.

AWR also places texts written by our own staff and students on the AWR website. AWR asks authors to consult as many different sources as possible and critically evaluate them. These authors, however, remain responsible for the content of their work. Additionally, authors are responsible for recording interviews they have made and presenting them as faithfully as possible, they are of course not responsible for the opinions of the person interviewed.

Readers are free to disagree with opinions expressed in AWR articles and are encouraged to respond and challenge the authors of these articles with additional or other information. Comments on articles in AWR, if expressed in a succinct and decent manner, will always be placed in AWR. Responses can also be placed on the ENAWU forum at www.enawu.org

For further information about our policy toward web content see the text on the ENAWU website.


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