Disease and Slow Death Persist in Egypt Junta Jails, Torture Chambers

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Emad Hassan, (41-year-old father-of-four) leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of at least hundreds of dissidents killed in Egypt's prisons under the military-controlled coup regime. Compare this reporting to that of Daily News Egypt with a comment of AWR's Cornelis Hulsman: http://www.arabwestreport.info/en/year-2015/week-41/1-inmate%E2%80%99s-d...

Hulsman: Every death is one too much.  But see the last paragraph: "In the two years since the illegitimate July 3, 2013 coup, the Muslim Brotherhood lost dozens of leading members and prominent leaders inside junta prisons due to deliberate medical neglect. Coup authorities' medical negligence killed dissidents who belonged to other political parties, as well." What is deliberate medical neglect or general medical neglect is hard to tell but the statement makes clear that there is no sign of compromise. The word 'legitimacy' is very selectively used. Was it legitimate to prevent judges from issuing a verdict on the Constituent Assembly that Brothers did not want to be issued in 2012? Was it legitimate for president Morsi to issue a presidential declaration? Why not accept that President al-Sisi was elected by millions of Egyptians despite a boycot of the Brotherhood? The only solution is one by ceasing all violence and making a sincere effort to reach a political solution. I know such efforts were made in the second half of 2013 but failed. Naval Captain (retired) Amir Fouad correctly stated in a letter to editor of Arab-West Report that there is a war taking place that has taken the lives of thousands of people but in this war also truth is manipulated. A selective use of the word 'legitimate' is part of this.  


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