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List of editorials created before week 19/2010

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Year Week Title Article summary
2004 33 1. Editorial

Three interesting articles about Pope Shenouda.

2004 32 1. Editorial

Getting closer to the NGO status for the Center for Arab-West Understanding.

2004 31 1. Editorial

AWR lectures in Germany shows little knowledge about Muslim-Christian relatio

2004 30 1. Editorial

An attack on tourists at the Hilton Hotel in Taba and consequences for the im

2004 29 1. Editorial

Missio invites AWR for a lecture tour in Germany and asked AWR to prepare a r

2004 28 1. Editorial

Remark on ways to improve the electronic AWR library such as a detailed index

2004 27 1. Editorial

AWR is working on changes to build an electronic library.

2004 26 1. Editorial

AWR is still short in staff.

2004 25 1. Editorial

Announcement of Chinese-American students who will be working on a short film

2004 24 1. Editorial

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia and

2004 23 1. Editorial

Egyptian scholar Nabil ‘Abdel Fatah reports on a negative role media can play

2004 22 1. Editorial

Report and comment on a visit to the self-proclaimed pope Habeel in Old Cairo

2004 21 1. Editorial

Comment on how easy rumors and unverified stories are spread in Egyptian medi

2004 20 1. Editorial

Comment on the ongoing discussion about the car crash involving a priest and

2004 19 1. Editorial

Rumors changed the car accident, in which Father Mikhael and two members of h

2004 18 1. Editorial

Bishop Aghathon speaking about restoring the church in Ishneen al-Nasara.

2004 17 1. Editorial

Wagih Kawthrani called Bernard Lewis and Muhammad Emara "two faces of the sam

2004 16 1. Editorial

Visiting the convent of Dimyana at the end of the pilgrimage festiva.

2004 15 1. Editorial

Double standards; Dr.

2004 14 1. Editorial

Getting closer to NGO status.

2004 13 1. Editorial

Remark on the immediate report by AWR on the death of a priest and two member

2004 12 1. Editorial

Responses to rumors created by French journalist De Coursac in al-Usbū‘ and S

2004 11 1. Editorial

French journalist De Coursac made sensational claims and wild conspiracy theo

2004 10 1. Editorial

Introducing and explaining the AWR logo.

2004 9 1. Editorial

Remark on the Missio conference on dialogue between Muslims and Christians in

2004 8 1. Editorial

Problems around obtaining NGO status.

2004 7 1. Editorial

AWR searches for language editor.

2004 6 1. Editorial

The board of advisors of Arab-West Report recommend application for NGO statu

2004 5 1. Editorial

Meeting with a delegation from the US Office of International Religious Freed

2004 4 1. Editorial

Growing interest in AWR work.

2004 3 1. Editorial

AWR is urgently need of a full-time editor.

2004 2 1. Editorial

Two visits to Holy Family locations, Deir Abū Hinnis and Sakha and Samannud,

2004 1 1. Editorial

Remark on articles in this issue about the incident around the Patmos Convent

2003 52 1. Editorial

Correspondence with an American Jihad sympathizer that shows there is much di

2003 51 1. Editorial

Muslim religious education in Egyptian primary schools.

2003 50 1. Editorial

Clashes between an army unit and the Coptic Orthodox Patmos land near Cairo.

2003 49 1. Editorial

The arrests of 21 Christians and one Muslim in Alexandria.

2003 48 1. Editorial

Conversions to and from Islam in response to news about the arrests of 21 Chr

2003 47 1. Editorial

Media critique on al-Usbū‘ publishing inciting articles against Dr.

2003 46 1. Editorial

AWR helps the Rose Foundation with an International Monument for the Tomb of

2003 45 1. Editorial

AWR makes a great effort to get this issue out.

2003 44 1. Editorial

A group visit to Holy Family locations at Tel Basta, Bilbeis and Mustorod org

2003 43 1. Editorial

Problems in obtaining a permit to worship in a building of Khalas Nafous, a P

2003 42 1. Editorial

Comment on inaccurate reports in the West on conversions and false claims of

2003 41 1. Editorial

An excellent and important interview with H.H.

2003 40 1. Editorial

Dr. Otto Meinardus’ comment on an article on Coptic relics in this issue.

2003 39 1. Editorial

Presenting the ideals of AWR at the Azhar University.

2003 38 1. Editorial

AWR checked the issue of the Martyr Michael Church in Assiut.

2003 37 1. Editorial

AWR collects information about problems around the Martyr Michael Church in A

2003 36 1. Editorial

Problems at AWR due to being short of staff.