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The Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa met on May 6,7,8 and 9 in Cairo and on May 11 visited Port Said for the 130th anniversary of the Anglican church of Port Said. The church in Port Said has a rich history but due to the departure of many non Egyptian...
Meeting with Father Lazarus in the monastery of St. Anthony on Monday, February 4, 2019. Transcript interview Joan Cabrera Robles, comparison to previous videos Cornelis Hulsman, editing Cornelis Hulsman and Taha K. Poonawala.
The death of Muḥammad  Mursī, Egypt’s first elected president since the 2011 revolution, on June 17 sparked a wave of controversy and conflicting truths between human rights organizations and Egyptian media. Mursī died in court in Cairo where he was on trial facing charges of espionage.
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
The shayks of the Azhar and the Ministry of Endowments have decided to intensify the mutual preaching convoys in Cairo and in other governorates that aim at spreading Islamic moderate thought and containing jihadist thought.
Writing in 1999 for al-Usbūʿ newspaper, Hānī Zayyāt and Muṣṭafā Sulaymān expressed the
Editor AWR: The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) is attracting a lot of young graduates who lack work experience. It is hard for young graduates who lack the network of a well-to-do family to find work. But once they have obtained work experience their changes on the labor...


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