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The English language weekly mentions the closure of Al-Destour and speculates about any alternative motives for closing the paper because it was critical of the government.
Cairo times reviews the cases of journalists sentenced for liable and reviews Al-Destour’s
Egypt’s minister of interior denounced the publication of the extremists statement in el-Destour and said that newspapers should investigate such statements thoroughly before publishing them because they affect the public’s sense of safety. The minister also said he is against a dialogue with...
The Islamist bi-weekly el-Sha’ab mentions the banning of al-Destour without, however, mentioning the extremist declaration which was published by el-Destour.
The article sees the closure of el-Destour after its publication of a call to murder three Coptic businessmen as a set back for the freedom of press.
Rose el-Yousef reported on the article in el-Destour. It found the extremist declaration as not less dangerous than the murder on 58 tourists in Luxor. Both targeted Egyptian economy. Extremists started targeting economy by imposing the payment of ’protection money’ on Copts in Upper Egypt.
Destour published a text of extremists calling for the death of three Coptic businessmen which led to the subsequent closure of the newspaper and a discussion in the Egyptian press on the (limits of the) freedom of the press. In this week’s translation only the text of the statement of the...
Two extremists groups gave out a statement saying they operate now as a unity targeting Americans and Israelis. An Egyptian terrorist expert, however, dismissed the claim as an attempt of the various militant groups to appear united.
The article discusses whether or not working with tourists is forbidden in Islam. Some radical sheiks advocate that Muslims do not work in the tourism industry while mainstream Islam rejects such opinions.
Announcement of the upcoming workshops RNSAW organised in cooperation with the Al-Ahram Regional Institute for Journalism and Dr. Michael Fowler.


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