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Background: Father Christiaan van Nispen tot Sevenaer (15.3.1938 – 12.5.2016), often known as Father van Nispen, was a Jesuit priest, who is strongly involved in dialogue with Muslims. He says not to feel at all oppressed as a Christian in Egypt by Islamic militant groups, but argues instead that...
The following study aims to explain the process of racism by defining both the biological and social concept of race. The author subsequently builds on this to describe the question of racism of Somalis in Cairo, Egypt.
Christianity in the Arab World was flourishing in relative terms prior to the First World War and consequent break-up of the Ottoman Empire.
This interview was arranged by Cornelis Hulsman for Omar Ali’s research on Political Party institutionalization in Egypt. The interview took place on June 1, 2014. It took place in English, was recorded and was attended by both. Omar Ali made the transcript, which was edited by Cornelis Hulsman and...
The identity of Muslim women in post-colonial Egypt has largely been marginalized in the transition to modernity.
Statistics about Christians in Egypt has been a problematic topic for many years.


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