Egyptian Journalists Call for Press Freedom

Voice of America (VOA)
Date of source:
7 Oct 2015

Excerpts: Some journalists remain imprisoned, according to the Egyptian Journalist Syndicate, and the president’s decision to release some jailed reporters doesn’t go far enough to prevent further erosion of freedom of expression in Egypt.

“Protecting journalists doing their work instead of arresting them or attacking them — these would be real positive steps,” said Khaled Elbalshy, a senior member of the Journalist Syndicate. “Not just make a show of reform by releasing famous journalists.”

Dozens of reporters are in jail, according to Elbalshy and several news sources are either banned, or heavily censored.  Among those in prison now is Mahmoud Abou Zeid, also known as "Shawkan," a photographer who has been locked up for more than two years. Shawkan worked for several media houses as a freelancer in Egypt, including Time Magazine and Demotix.  He was arrested in a sweep of activists and journalists at the Rabaa protest in support of ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

Shawkan and his family claim no political affiliations, but among some Egyptians, anti-Muslim Brotherhood sentiment is so high that even reporting on the now-banned group is considered suspect.

C. Hulsman: I don't know Shawkan but VOA is right with the statement that for many reporting about the Brotherhood is considered suspect.


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