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In Tantā, on December 27, 2012, an Islamist attacked a Christian woman and beat her with a stick on her back, calling her an “infidel” for not wearing a hijāb and wearing makeup.  The victim’s name is Marsa. After Marsa finished her work in the University’s Hospital, a bearded man wearing a white...
In a statement he delivered on Saturday, December 22, Dr. Yāsir Burhāmī, Deputy of the Salafī Call (al-Da’wah al-Salafīyah), attacked media outlets, the Coptic Church, and the opposition.
Islamist activists in Salafī forums lashed out at Shaykh Yāsir Burhāmī, Deputy Chairman of the Salafī Daʿwah [Call] Movement, over a published photograph showing him hugging Bishop Būla of Ṭanṭā that some have even accused Burhāmī of loyalty to Copts.
Shaykh Yāsir Burhāmī, deputy chairman of the Salafī Daʿwa (Call), severely criticized the church’s representatives on the panel and others who threatened to quit, adding they seek their own interests and do not care about accordance.
Yāssir Burhamī continues to confront the decision of the Minister of Endowments pertaining to the suspension of the protocol with al- Da’wah al-Salafia for giving sermons in mosques. He has delivered a Friday sermon in a mosque in Damietta, after which his supporters controlled the mosque until...
Shaykh Yāssir Burhamī, Vice President of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that his fatwás were tarnished on purpose. He criticized the misinterpretation of the fatwás which he states is deliberate. 
Shaykh Muhammad Abd al- Raziq, deputy of the ministry of Endowments for Mosque Affairs, announced the suspension of the protocol signed by the ministry and the Da’wah al- Salafia pertaining to giving sermons in mosques. 
The conflict between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Da’wah al- Salafiah has heightened after Yāssir Burhamī’s fatwá prohibited Muslims from congratulating Copts.
Sources from the Salafī al-Nūr Party stated that two leaders of the party were assigned to communicate with the campaigns of al- Sīsī and Sabāhī, the presidential candidates, and coordinate with them to meet with the Salafī Da’wah 
Despite announcements from the government that it would organize outdoor spaces for ‘Īd (Eid) prayers, and would not permit others organized by the people, the Salafi Call organized prayers in 40 squares in Alexandria as well as 7 in Marsá Matrūh.
Sharīf al-Hawārī, a prominent leader in the Salafi Call, has said that the recent law on preaching in mosques is ‘tailored against us’, and that the organization is aware of efforts to get rid of them, adding that Yāsir Burhānī, vice-president of the Salafist Call, was still waiting for a permit.
 The anger of members of the Salafi Call at the refusal of the Ministry of Religious Endowments to grant a permit to allowing Doctor Bassām al-Zarqā, Vice-President of the Nūr Party, to deliver sermons has emerged. The Ministry has granted permits to some of the leaders of the Salafi Call, but not...
Sheikh Sharīf al-Hawārī, member of the al- Da'wah al- Salafīah  shūra “advisory” council, announced his support for the police reports filed against outspoken non-observers of Ramadan.
The regional governorate departments of the Ministry of Endowments have begun receiving requests from Shaykhs of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah for preaching licenses.
The Da’wah al- Salafiah increased its criticism of the Ministry of Endowments after the Da’wah leaders were stopped from giving sermons.
A Salafī source stated that al- Da’wah al- Salafiah has yielded to the conditions that the Ministry of Endowments has put for i’tikāf in the last ten days of Ramadan. 
Sources in the Da’wah al- Salafiah revealed the attempts of Shaykh Yāssir al- Burhāmī, the vice president of al- Da’wah, to resolve the problem of prohibiting the leaders in al- Da’wah al- Salafiah from giving sermons. 
A new fitnah can start a war between Sufis and Salafis. The latter insisted on destroying the shrine of Shaykh Ali al- Kurdī, a famous Sufī saint, in RashīdCity, Beheira Governorate. 
Salafī preacher Muhammad al-Abasīrī stated that the posters that have spread in public spaces have been prepared by the Da'wah al-Salafiah in order to reach out to the people again 
Dr. Yāssir Burhāmī, Vice President of al- Da'wah al-Salafiah, stated that the Da'wah and the Nūr party have nothing to do with the posters that state "did you pray for the prophet today?"


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