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Western Christian enmity to the Muslim East is still crystal clear. Indeed, the intensity of this enmity increases with the passage of days to the extent that there are now some in the West who feel that the twenty-first century will witness the end of Islam. There are many allegations currently...
In this interview Mohammed Hassan talks about the current state of Islam work worldwide and says that the existence of several Islamic groups is a healthy phenomena. He says the United States will fall down because this is God’s law. He also says that Muslims are responsible for the retardation of...
Egyptian people disappeared from Islamic historical books, making Egypt to seem as if it was, on the eve of occupation, an empty, uninhabited stretch of land. Hardly any references have been made to the Egyptian people or the Copts. By omitting the Coptic age in syllabuses they think in a non-...
The number of the Muslims who are serving in the American Army has reached four thousand. Muslims try to get American leaders to acknowledge the presence of Muslims in the American forces.
Members of founding committee of the International Islamic Council for Daawa and Aid ask for a united position against the Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem and the American Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
Sheik Abdallah Ben Manie’-member of the committee for senior scholars answers about the correct method of training for preachers and questions whether or not the Muslims have fulfilled their obligation towards dawa (Islamic mission.)
Interrogations are underway in the Azhar University with a number of the leaders of the Azhar scholars front.


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