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The author, Arwá Hasan, reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars to a recent Vatican document entitled, ’Doctrinal Note on some aspects of Evangelization,’ which defended the "right and duty" of Catholics to do missionary work, aimed at converting people from other religions and other Christian...
The author, Dr. Ibrāhīm al-Sāyh, comments on an official complaint submitted by the renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār against a Christian organization, accusing it of performing missionary activities in Cairo.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
al-Bannā resumes his argument about the flaws from which the Islamic Da‘wah suffers. After having discussed retrospectives and Salafism in the previous article, here he discusses naivety, the veil and the application of Sharī‘ah.
Dr. Maḥmūd Ḥamdī Zaqzūq, minister of religious endowments, justified the ministry’s cooperation with security bodies in appointing Muslim preachers by saying that the ministry wants to be sure that the appointed men of religion are reputable.
al-Bannā criticizes Retrospectivism and Salafism as flaws in the Islamic Da‘wá that hinder the progress of Muslims and Islam. He also doubts the reliability of many of the Ḥadīths.
al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah’s incarcerated members agreed on the introspection recently proposed by the ideologue of the Islamic groups. However, leaders of Islamic groups still disagree on the introspections of al-Jamā‘ah. Conversely al-Jamā‘ah calls on the leftist parties of Hadtū and the Labor...
Shawqī ‘Isām reports on a recent polemic Fatwá issued by Dr. ‘Abd Allāh Samak prohibiting Muslim females from hiring taxis unless they are escorted by mahrams. cIsām described the Fatwá as naïve, presenting opinions of Muslim scholars who criticized it.
Ḥanān Muḥammad reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars on the issue of whether Ḥadd al-Riddah should be applied to anyone who leaves Islam.


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