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Maḥmūd al-Imāmī presents the opinions of Muslim scholars about the Islamic view of Christian missionary organizations working in Islamic countries.
The author, Rajab al-Mursidī, criticizes Dr. Bakr Zakī ‘Awad for his report on Khālid al-Birrī’s book: ‘al-Dunyā Ajmal min-al-Jannah’ [Life is more Beautiful than Paradise], based on which the Islamic Research Academy has decided to ban it. al-Murshidī writes that despite ‘Awad’s rejection of the...
Muḥammad al-Shāfi‘ī interviews Islamic radical thinker Shaykh cUmar Bakrī, who was deported from the U.K. due to his extremist stances against the West, about his activities in his new residence in Tripoli, Lebanon.
Dr. Fāṭimah Sayyid Ahmad considers the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in politics, where this role originated, and how the Brotherhood justifies their calls to establish an Islamic state.
The article discusses the new phenomenon of female Muslim preachers who deliver religious lessons either at mosques or at homes. The article reports on the opinions of Muslim scholars about the phenomenon.
The recently announced introspections of the Jihād Islamic group revived discussions about the 10-year old revisions of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah. On the tenth birthday of the group’s inspections, Muntasir al-Zayyāt announced the establishment of a new political party. Al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah...
The author talks about the Muslim Brotherhood and their ideology as an example of the so-called ’Islamized Terrorism’ which is based on a deliberate confusion between Islam and political interests.
The establisher of the Cultural Charity Foundation and the Chief of the Center of Studying the Intentions of the Islamic Sharī‘ah, as well as the former Saudi Petroleum Minister Ah...
The first international Muslim-Christian dialogue conference opened Tuesday in Cairo. The Grand Imam of the Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria opened the conference, organized by Saudi national Islamic institutions and the Middle East Council of Churches.
A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and controversial Islamic figure, Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn discusses various political, religious and social issues. He denies any discrimination against Copts and accuses the U.S. of inciting Copts against Muslims.


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