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The writer presents famous examples of successful women who worked in the field of da‘wah.
The author presents viewpoints of six girls that represent three samples of young women in Egyptian society today. Viewpoints about life, religion, and sex vary from one to another. The young women are chosen from different social and educational levels.
‘Alā’ al-Ghutrayfī interviews ‘Amr Khalid and discusses his vision concerning the future and how he applies it through his programs.
The article represents the opinions of Muslim scholars about the Tunisian researcher’s book ‘Tarīkhyyat al-Da‘wah al-Muhammadīyah’ [The History of the Muhammadan Call].
Jamāl al-Bannā has advised the Muslim Brotherhood to withdraw from political work and questioned whether President Mubārak could do what al-Nahās did with al-Bannā.
In the following interview, Muslim thinker Nasr Hāmid Abū Zayd discusses the present Islamic discourse, he refers to the history of the Islamic reformation in the 20th century and points out the current defects. Abū Zayd also tackles the problems of Egyptian society and the Azhar’s relationship...
Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about reasons and targets of violence-based Islamic movements in the Islamic world.
The article is the second episode of reviewing ‘Azīz Fahmī’s book: ‘Isqāṭ Naẓarīyat Sirā‘ al-Ḥaḍārāt wa-I‘ādat Taqdīm al-Islām lil-‘Aql al-Gharbī’ [Toppling the Theory of the Clash of Civilizations and Re-introducing Islām to the Western Mind] in which he responds to Huntington’s theory of the...
For the third week in a row, Wafā’ Costantine still dominates the scene in Egypt. Her story has become a burning issue, even more compelling than the Palestinian issue. [Editor: for a background of this issue see AWR, 2004, week 51, art. 13]
The phenomenon of Islamic schools is not new; the new thing is that these schools do not accept employing Christian teachers or enlisting Christian students. Last week an advertisement appeared in the last page of al-Ahram about a school called ?Al-Bashayir al-Islāmīyah.” The advertisement called...


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