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Sanne Lundberg’s thesis was about the strong Coptic Christian perception of being discriminated, the interplay of this belief with religious beliefs, as well as
The author highlights incidents in Egypt in the last month that deal with religions and relations between Muslims and Christians, he believes that these incidents are representative of Egyptian attitude in general toward religions. He concludes by wondering if Egypt is going backwards.
Dr. Sayyid al-Qimnī writes about how Islamic preachers and scholars misinterpret Islam and the Qur’ān.
Drs. Hulsman and Dr. Burslem provide a detailed report on Muslim-Christian relations based on a review of Dr. Hugh Goddard’s book, commenting on a number of issues including Western perceptions, mis-interpretations, and examples of recent incidents involving Muslims and Christians.
The following article presents a response to Majdī Khalīl’s article [art. 26 in this issue].
The following article presents an overview of the Annual Anglican-Al Azhar Interfaith Meeting that implicitly dealt with dialogue and means of furthering it. Wisam al-Deweny provides her input on the subject, and recommends means of improving this dialogue in the future.
The author praises those who speak out against Islam, focusing on Wafa Sultan, and Arab woman in the U.S. in whose recent interview on al-Jazeera, she stated that the clash is not a clash of civilizations, but a clash between the culture of the West, and the backwardness and ignorance of the...
The author discusses the concept of Arab nationalism, how it started, developed and deteriorated. He shows the opinions of some intellectuals on citizenship in Egypt where Muslims and Christians live.


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