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The author believes that Christian students should be allowed to enroll in the non-theological schools of the Azhar University but does not support the idea of a Coptic university.
Al-Dustūr features Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī and writes about his life and ideas.
Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá writes about the principle of citizenship and mechanisms to put it in place in light of the 3rd laymen conference a week ago, that hopefully would pave the way for better citizenship in the future. Mūsá, praised the conference participants and described them as stars whose...
The article chronicles the appearance of famous dā‘iyahs in Egypt and covers the on-going struggle between the new dā‘iyahs and Salafis to take over the status of the publicly-adored dā‘iyah. The absence of an effective role of the Azhar is also questioned.
Rose al-Yūsuf reports about different opinions regarding the recent decision to ban books written by Jamāl al-Bannā.
The article lists comments made on some of the author’s e-articles published on the Web. The comments reflect the author’s opinion on the appearance of the new dā‘iyahs and the strategies they follow to gain access into the public’s preferences.
The appearance of bizarre fatwás goes against the tolerant nature of Islam writes Amānī Mājid.
Wā’il Lutfī discusses the fatwà issued by Dr. Muhammad Shawqī al-Fanjarī about zakāh for oil production.
In the interview Marzūq Awlād ‘Abdullah, professor of Islamic studies at Amsterdam University, stresses that dialogue is the means through which Muslims can make the West recognize their existence. He says that the Western media plays a major role in increasing anti-Islamic sentiments. However, he...
The author criticizes the trend of Egyptians towards blindly imitating the West, taking their worst behaviors and fads and leaving behind their best qualities.


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