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The Azhar Scholars Front has declared a trend of responding to Shaykh of the Azhar’s most controversial Fatwás.
The article gives a brief overview of the controversial Islamic thinker Dr. Naṣr Ḥāmid Abū Zayd.
The article shows attacks on the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s proposed manifesto and responses of the group’s leaders.
In the article, Azhar scholars have confirmed a Fatwá of Shaykh Farahāt al-Munajjī that a Muslim man is prohibited to get married to a Jewish woman.
The article deals with the danger of "globalizing" Fatwás. A group of Muslim scholars from outside the Arab world highlight the effect of issuing general Fatwás on Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries. The author cites more than one Muslim scholar who stress that Fatwás should be specific to...
The article sheds light on the Azhar Scholars Front’s statement which reveals that the Grand Imām Shaykh Muh...
All imprisoned leaders of the Jihād factions have unanimously approved the jurisprudential reviews’ document, authored by Sayyid Imām, the founder of the Jihād organization in Egypt.
The fate of the jurisprudential reviews of the Jihād organization has raised many questions and doubts. The reviews which did not come to light until now prompted some to believe they were just a scoop or a tactic by the group.
Politicians, thinkers, and human right activists have asserted that the long-awaited platform of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group is a huge jump backward in politics as it clearly rules women and Coptic citizens out of high leading positions.
The article contains the second part of an interview with Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī on the lawsuit that he filed against Mr. Ahmad ‘Abd al-Mu‘t...


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