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Youssef Badawi whipped the young woman across her shoulders in another effort to drive away the evil genies that he said possessed his patient.
The High Administrative Court has decided to ban students from entering schools while wearing a niqab (full-face veil).
Amman Governor Qaftan Majali on Monday reiterated controversial demands that women wearing the full-face veil reveal their faces at polling stations in Amman in upcoming nationwide municipal elections in a bid to wipe out possible fraud. Official figures indicate that 50 per cent of over one...
The author of this article says that there are two reasons for the "stinking smell" of the Ibn Khaldoun Center project of rewriting certain syllabuses for schools. These are: first, the life of the people responsible for this project. Second the ideas of the project itself.
Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and expected to soon command the largest following in the country after Christianity. Many employers are unfamiliar with Islam, which is practiced by 1.2 billion people worldwide, and often don’t know how to handle Muslims’ requests.


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