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The article reports on the statement of human rights group Egyptian against Religious Favoritism on a huge campaign against Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus, which has begun in the wake of his speech opposing the spread of the Iran-style Ḥijāb, chador.
The author overviews projects of prominent businessman Najīb Sawirus in order to prove that he has become a gluttonous man with money and power.
The article reports on a decision made by the city council of Gent, the third biggest city in Belgium, to ban the wearing of Ḥijāb as well as other religious and political symbols for female employees in official departments and nurseries.
The article reports on the spread of Niqāb-clad women in society.
The article reviews a book by Journalist Riḍā Sha‘bān that was entitled, ’‘Amr Khālid: Shāhid ‘alá-Ḥijāb al-Fanānāt wa-I‘tizāl al-Nujūm’ [‘Amr Khālid: a witness to veiling of artists and retirement of stars].
Shīrīn Rabīc interviews the famous announcer Basmah Wahbah to speak about her car accident and whether this accident might be related to her decision to take off her veil or her religious episodes that were presented on al-Ḥayāt Channel by Father Zakarīyā Butrus.
Hānī Ahmad Rizq reports on the discussions that took place in the introductory conference of the Middle East Forum on Freedoms, which witnessed a lot of controversy and clashes between participants.
The author quotes a statement of a human rights group, in which it defends the Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus’s right to express his opinion. A few weeks ago, Sawirus was reported as attacking the Ḥijāb along with other features of religious extremism.
The Azhar Scholars Front has declared a trend of responding to Shaykh of the Azhar’s most controversial Fatwás.
The article reviews three separate articles published by al-Usbū‘ on recent statements of the prominent Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus, in which he was reported as criticizing the manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party as well as the increasing religious trend in society.


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