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The article presents a personal impression of a trip to Dayr Abū Ḥinnis, and includes discussions on Muslim-Christian relations and church building.
Karam Jabr reflects on the fuss that was created over the statements of the Coptic billionaire Najīb Sawīrus who gave out some remarks about Ḥijāb and the expansion of conservatism in the Egyptian streets.
For the second consecutive week, Rose al-Yūsuf continues its campaign against the phenomenon of Niqāb-clad nurses in governmental hospitals. The magazine highlighted the stance of the Egyptian minister of health toward the issue.
al-Bannā resumes his argument about the flaws from which the Islamic Da‘wah suffers. After having discussed retrospectives and Salafism in the previous article, here he discusses naivety, the veil and the application of Sharī‘ah.
Numayrī Shūmān reports on a decision of a nuns’ school administration to ban female students from wearing Ḥijāb at school, which made a number of parents to file complaints against the decision.
The author talked with Kamīl Ḥalīm about his opinions regarding the Coptic issue, human rights, the Muslim Brotherhood, and about Michael Munīr.
The author reviews the most daring and prominent groups that the Egyptian youth have launched on Face Book Web site.
`The author talks about Nabīh al-Waḥsh who claims that ‘Ābīr Ṣabrī is Takfīr because she removed her Ḥijāb, and ‘Ābīr Sabrī responds that this is a personal matter.
The author talks about the Western attacks against Islam and the role of the Zionist state in defaming the image of Islam.
An interview with a Coptic director who has made a controversial movie that has been severely criticized by the church in Egypt. The filmmaker criticizes religious fundamentalism and has a message for President Mubārak.


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