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The controversy over hijāb-wearing television presenters is back in the spotlight as a new court ruling concerning the return of three presenters to the screen is added to the previous rulings - none of which have been enforced.
Safwat Hijāzī is one of the cleric stars of satellite channels who became famous over the last few years and whose opinions have engendered a lot of controversy.
A group of unknown youth allegedly distributed anti-Muslim pamphlets in the metro and under doors. The church denounces the behavior and a Muslim dā‘iyah.
Subhī Mijāhid writes about the young Islamic preacher, Mustafá Husnī, and the similarities between him and ‘Amr Khālid.
Wearing a hijāb is raising a new crisis on the air and in the media.
Franciscan School’s Administration asserted that the administration had agreed with students’ parents at the beginning of the school year to prevent hijābs in classrooms, and that both parents and students have agreed.
A publication issued by the Ministry of Education requires female students to provide a declaration which shows their parents’ approval of their daughters wearing a hijāb.
Wā’il Lotfī interviews Nūriyah al-Subayh, the Kuwaiti minister of education.
Amīnah al-Naqāsh discusses al-Subayh’s attitude toward parliament members in Kuwait during taking the oath.
The author presents viewpoints of six girls that represent three samples of young women in Egyptian society today. Viewpoints about life, religion, and sex vary from one to another. The young women are chosen from different social and educational levels.


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