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An unknown Islamic group calling itself “The Supporters of Islamic Jihad” claimed responsibility for the fire that was set in a Jewish Center the day before yesterday. Police found messages such as “death for Jews” on the walls of the center that had served as a synagogue in the past before it was...
Shock and confusion following the suicide attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh. The definition of jihād and the causes and nature of violence.Possibilities of democracy in Egypt. Female TV presenters continue their fight to be allowed to wear the hijāb onscreen.
Terrorism has proliferated in nearly all Islamic and Arab countries despite the differences between the ruling regimes. Within the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation, the phenomenon spread that some called “suicide bombing” and others called “martyrdom operations.”
The once-insider of the outlawed group, ‘Alī ‘Ashmāwī, says he discovered that the organization had been penetrated by Western agencies.
The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine has completed its historical mission and has vanquished Israel and established a national Palestinian state. That is why we were not surprised to read its shady statement in which it called on Moqtada Al-Sadr to burn all Iraqi oil. The movement, after...
Transcribed by: Susan Richards-BensonThe following present a transcript of an interview with Tarek Heggy. Heggy discusses a number of issues, centered around his controversial article ‘If I were a Copt.’ He comments on current events in Egypt and the Arab world, and present his opinion on issues...
The article is about an initiative, launched by the founder of the Jihād Group, calling on Islamic groups to stop the violence and killing.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman stresses the danger of ignorant media reporting, and the damage that inaccurate fact-checking can cause. He provides a number of examples from various intellectuals, commenting on stories that have been sensationalized in the media, and the negative effects this reporting had...
Al-Zayyāt, the lawyer of the Islamic groups, assures the Jihād Organization’s decision to cease violence enjoys the support of the leading figures within the Islamic groups.
Lawyer of the Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah,Mamdūh Ismā‘īl, strongly denied any connection to Ayman al-Zawāhrī or acting under his instructions.
The regime certainly knows that arresting Ismā‘īl on charges of belonging to the Jihād Organization is a charge that the EU and human rights organizations will believe. Furthermore, the arrest is in line with the U.S. declared war against Islam.
This article presents an overview of an article originally published in Nederlands Dagblad. It focuses on the distorted perception of Muslim-Christian relations often presented in Western media outlets, and provides Drs. Cornelis Hulsman’s responses to many of these claims.
A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and controversial Islamic figure, Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn discusses various political, religious and social issues. He denies any discrimination against Copts and accuses the U.S. of inciting Copts against Muslims.
The release of Shaykh Nabīl Bakr is a good step toward closing the file on the Jihād organization.
The article talks about the accusation against the Islamists’ Lawyer Mamdūḥ Ismā‘īl as being the connecting link between the second man in al-Qa‘idah, al-Zawāhrī and the Jihād elements in Egypt.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
The shaykh of the Azhar asserted that he did not send any letters asking Pope Benedict to apologize for his remarks during a speech in Germany, and indicated that he could not judge Pope Benedict because the pope said that he did not mean to be offensive.
Al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about the philosophies of Islamic movements who have adopted violent approaches when dealing with the authorities.
While the government clamps down on the Muslim Brotherhood to allegedly prevent them from winning seats in the Shūrá Council elections, the outlawed group witnesses internal disputes.
An overview of the Secular Islam Summit held in the United States. The conference featured a number of speakers who supported reform within Islam as a religion and Muslim countries.


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