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The Islamic Research and Studies Center, the mouthpiece of the Al-Qa´ida network, issued a CD containing a book titled “The Reality about the New Crusade.” Some Islamists say the book is a “legal justification” or a “passport” for the operations Bin Laden and his group executed or will execute...
Explanation of the rule "No ijtihad with a text." The author believes that this rule imprisons the mind and forbids bringing about new legislations.
Muhammad Bouwīrī, a Dutch-born dual Moroccan-Dutch citizen, who is accused of murdering Theo Van Gogh, confessed to killing the Dutch filmmaker in the Amsterdam Court last Tuesday.
The first question that comes to mind after the London explosions is: what took them so long? The answer may be that in the past four years the British authorities have succeeded in preventing attacks on a number of occasions.
Terrorism usually comes like a bolt from the blue, but not so the explosions in London. Some British Islamist leaders have been warning for months that such violence was imminent.
Changes in the selection criteria for AWR.
A report following discussions with young Copts in Germany claiming they had been discriminated and persecuted in Egypt.
In this article, Pope Shenouda gives a full-length study of the Qur´an´s perception of Christianity, the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. He says that the Qur´an proves the authenticity of the Holy Bible. It also speaks very highly of Jesus Christ. It describes Him as the “...
Youssef Sidhom printed in March an article written by the Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdel - Aziz on the importance of The Survival of Arab Christians, and was criticized for this by a reader who presented him an article with a list of examples of how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia.
Rose El-Youssef´s special file for this week tackles the conflict erupted between the governor of Al-Gharbia and the Muslim Brotherhood because of Al-Geel Al-Muslim schools. It comments on a recent study by Specialized National Councils that calls for deepening religious beliefs in the minds...


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