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This report by Arab-West Report explains the context of the massive destruction of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt in August 2013.
Who are the Muslim Brotherhood, and what do they represent? Having thousands of members means that many people are able to speak as representatives, whether they are qualified or designated to do so or not. Yet if one relies only on an official spokesman, it is difficult to know if the comments are...
This is the very question many people are asking about the Muslim Brotherhood following the Egyptian Revolution of January 25, 2011. While the world was enthralled by a peaceful youth movement to overthrow a corrupt regime, many feared then, and more fear now, that the aftermath will result in...
The salafists, who had no presence before the January 25 revolution, are now preoccupying the public opinion and the mass media. Some of them are making quite a fuss from time to time like Mustafá Tamām, a salafī shaykh in Beni Suef.
This article deals with the augmenting shaykhs’ hate discourse inside the mosques.
This article traces an interview with Dr Yūsuf Al-Qaradāwī in which he discussed Sayyīd Qutb’s "Fī Zilāl Al-Qur’ān" and his underlining theme of Takfīr. He discussed the issue of Qur’anic misinterpretation and treated the problems of Naskh and Isrā’īlīyāt.
Sayyid al-Qimnī is fighting a battle in the field of freedom of expression. He criticizes the Azhar curricula and the Muslim Brotherhood for erasing reason and harming the future.
In spite of the bitter controversy created by Sayyid al-Qimnī’s honoring, some people have expressed their admiration for his ideas. Al-Qimnī expresses his views, and comments on issues related to freedom of expression and sectarianism in Egypt.
Mamdūh Ramzī, in this interview with al-Wafd, talks about his request to form a committee for Christian law to represent the Copts in the Syndicate of Lawyers. In addition, he describes the Muslim-Christian relationship as fragile and fake.
The author discusses the dangerous rise in sectarian strife in Egypt.


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