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Copts are subject to blatant discrimination and the hatred of millions of Muslims in Egypt. However, they have double standards toward the different issues in politics. The government is using Coptic politicians as a "golden brooch in its tie."
Al-Bannā continues to refute the argument that Islam abrogates earlier religions, and refutes the possible “specious arguments” that could be used against his own assertions.
The author of the article fiercely criticizes the Coptic Orthodox Church’s hostile stance toward Coptic intellectual Jamāl As‘ad.
The author refutes a book of the Jihād Group key leader Dr. Tāriq al-Zumur that tackles the group’s new ideological introspections.
The article compares how Muslims are dealt with in the West, and how Islam obliges Muslims to treat non-Muslims living in Islamic countries kindly.
The author criticizes the phenomenon of fundamentalist shaykhs who insist on depicting Islam as a horrifying religion by focusing on hadīths that depict the torture of the tomb after death and link piety with superficial practices and appearances.
Al-Jihād’s recent revisions contain the same fundamentalist principles as the Islamic groups and will give priority to violent methods if the group comes to power.
Al-Dustūr publishes articles published in back issues in 1995. Prominent Egyptian journalist Mahmūd Sa‘d criticizes the Islamic religious discourse in media and education in his article.
Aḥmād al-Sa‘dāwī interviews Aḥmad Abū al-Majd, a lawyer who filed a complaint before the General Prosecutor against Shaykh Muḥammad Ḥassān on charges of inflaming sectarianism by attacking Christianity.
Egyptian media has published abstracts from Imām’s book of revisions. The book was recently published to announce al-Jihād Islamic organization’s initiative to quell violence and lead interventions.


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