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Dr. Usāma al-Qūṣī, the Salafist preacher, criticized the Salafist boarding School called “al-Salafīyah al-Madkhalīyya” whose most famous shaykhs in Egypt are Muḥammad Sayyid Raslān, Maḥmūd ʿAbd al-Rāziq Raḍwāni, Ṭalʿat Zahrān and others - describing it as the most dangerous school on the Egyptian...
The author talked about a book published by the Ministry of Endowments entitled, ‘Dalīl al-Imām īlà tagdīd al-khiṭāb al-dīnī.’ The book discuses several issues, one of them is al-Takfīr where the book aims to prevent people from using this term without enough knowledge.
The following article presents an overview of the Annual Anglican-Al Azhar Interfaith Meeting that implicitly dealt with dialogue and means of furthering it. Wisam al-Deweny provides her input on the subject, and recommends means of improving this dialogue in the future.
The author discusses the Jihād Organization’s reviews, and questions the true intention behind them. He wonders if Islamic groups will ever really give up the practice of violence. He stresses the need to understand the ideology in order to effectively combat it.
The author examines the situation of Copts under Islamic rule. He states that the weight of this history makes it difficult for Egypt and other Arab countries to support the principles of tolerant liberalism.
Dr. Muhammad Mourou believes that there is a kind of relationship between contemporary Islamic movements and the Khawārij. [Reviewer: The Khariji are members of a deviant Islamic group that broke away from the Orthodox caliph, ‘Alī Ibn Abī Tālib, and murdered him]. Admitting that both groups have...
The Supreme State Security Court started hearing the lawsuit in which Anwar Hamid Abbas, an Egyptian fundamentalist who was extradited by America, is the defendant. Egyptian authorities took strict security measures to secure the court session.
[According to “A Basic Dictionary of Islam” by Ruqaiyyih Waris Maqsood, Al-Khawarij are the people who dissented from the religion and disagreed with the rest of the Muslims]
The author discusses whether Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdel-Wahab, the founder of Wahabism, called for a new school in Islam or simply agreed with the imams of the four main schools. He gives a background on the ideologies of each school to conclude that there is accordance in everything between the...
A “repented” fundamentalist believes that Usama Bin Laden allows shedding the blood of Muslims. He gives as evidence the bombing of the American embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi where 224 persons were killed, only 12 of them were Christian Americans.


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