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Egyptian Radio program “Studio 9090” hosted the first female Ma'dhūn (the person legally authorized to conclude Muslim marriages and divorces): Amal Sūlaimān `Afīfī.
The identity of Muslim women in post-colonial Egypt has largely been marginalized in the transition to modernity.
Repeatedly we hear of reports that Muslims are attacking Christians. One such recent report is a clash in Alexandria in which one Christian died from a heart attack.  “A fight started between two young men, one Copt and the other Muslim, when the Copt allegedly sexually harassed the latter's sister...
Cherchez la femme…a saying that directly applies to talk on the unified law on personal status affairs for Christian denominations in Egypt, now that each time women surface on the focal point of events, the society becomes more confused and male propensity against women becomes more prevalent.
Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hamīd, interviewed Amal Sulaymān ‘Afīfī, the first female ma’dhūn in Egypt and the entire Islamic world, about her new post.
Increasing political participation of religious groups is a subject being raised more frequently. This issue presents a number of articles that address this topic, and comment on the role of these groups play in politics, namely how their religious influences shape and mold their political...
As polygamous marriage is unlawful in the U.K, Muslims have called on the authorities to legalize it for the large Muslim community in order to safeguard the rights of Muslim wives.
While declaring the results of the 2007’s census, the head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics says that the number of Copts in Egypt is inaccurate because the cell of religion on the application form is optional.
In his new fatwá, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah permits women to work as a ma’dhūn, saying that it complies with the Abū Hanīfah scholarship.
Sectarian tension erupted in Assuit’s peaceful village of Bahīj after Yūsuf Fathī Ni‘nā‘, a Copt, declared his Islam amidst strong opposition from his family.


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