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The sheikh al-Azhar speaks about people who are exploiting religion and blow up old issues. He therefore addresses a number of issues that have created recently a lot of dust including bank interest, working in tourism, family planning and the transfer of human organs.
Dr. Su’ad Saleh, professor at the women’s college for Islamic studies at the Azhar University said that she is the mufti of women and that Islam does not limit the work of the mufti to men only.
Interview with Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, Grand Sheikh of the Azhar, about a range of actual subjects in Egypt, including regulating pilgrimage, his opposition to the embargo of Iraq, religious censorship, the new magazine of the Azhar, a fatwa on taking loans, presenting religious personalities...
The criminal prosecution of an internationally-known Lebanese singer is a blatant violation of his right to freedom of expression, an international human rights group said on Tuesday.
Sheikh Omar Abd Al-Rahman, the leader of the Gama’at al-Islamia who is detained in the United Stated, asserted his fatwa that establishing parties by members the Islamic movement is not religiously accepted.
Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalily, the grand mufti of Oman, has said that there are two reasons for the spread of Islam. First, there is the internal reason that has something to do with its principles and articles of faith, including its morals and values to humanity, as contained in Qur`an and...
After being booted out of Al Azhar Medical College 11 years ago due to undergoing a sex change operation, Sally Mohammed Abdallah might be returning to classes there despite the prestigious university’s condemnation of her operation.
While Egyptian women can be ministers, lawyers, doctors, and hold many other prestigious jobs, they are still shut out of the upper levels of the religious hierarchy. Now one female religious scholar wants to become a mufti which is a high level cleric charged with giving out religious opinions on...
The article discusses to what extent the civil court is affected by the judgment of the Mufti concerning death penalties. The Mufti responds to questions.
Sheikh Omar Abd Al-Rahman, the leader and mufti of the Gama’at al-Islamiya, who is now imprisoned in the United States for a life, changed his mind about presenting a request to return to Egypt because he doesn’t want to give up his activities for the Islamic Daawa, the call to Islam.


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