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Grand Shaykh of the Azhar Ahmad al-Tayīb said Ethiopia reserves a special position for Muslims, adding that Muslims will never forget that Ethiopia had received and protected the earlier muhājirīn (the Prophet Muhammad's followers who emigrated from Mecca to escape persecution).
‘Imarah defines the reasons behind the success of the Islamic state.
Muhammad al- Shāfi‘ī writes about the difficulties that new Muslim converts face in Western societies, particularly being singled out by extremist groups.
Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd is upset about the media debate on Islam in the West. Abu Zayd rejects the view that Islam should be held responsible for extremist attacks. The political discourse as reflected in Western media did not mind its language. The media debate on Islam is getting more entrapped in the...
There is an inclination to freeze the activities of the Muhagereen [emigrants] fundamentalist movement in Britain due to pressures from the British government and the Muslim community. Islamists in London explained that these pressures are due a fatwa issued by the leader of the group. The fatwa...
Omar Bakri, leader of London-based Al-Muhajjerin [emigrants] group, says that US soldiers in Iraq are legal targets for the mujahideen who want to attack US-British forces.
The author reports the argument concerning the subject of the movie Spooks. The film discusses the story of recruiting suicide-fundamentalists in one of the mosques of Birmingham. It presents a false image of Muslims and Islam in Britain. Thus it provokes the anger of Muslims.
It is clear from the comments on Bat Ye´or´s article, that not all the points she discussed have been responded to. For example, what she says concerning the fact that jihad belongs to the religious domain and cannot be discussed and the feeling of superiority in Islam.
The conference which fundamentalists in Britain organized in London witnessed many clashes that resulted in detaining six members of the extremist National British Front. The head of the Al-Muhagerun [emigrants] group, called Queen Elizabeth and Toni Blair to convert to Islam.
British journalists boycotted a press conference held by Islamic extremists in London as organizers imposed a 30-pound sterling entrance bill. Islamist Omar Bakri said if any of the journalist announces his Islam, he is welcomed for free.


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