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The mūlid of Mar Girgis has not been the same this year in Banī Damsīs in Dakahlia.
“Happiness is Double, in the Maulid (religious celebration)  of Sayyidnā al- Hussayn”, stated the followers of the Sufī tariqas in the Maulid of al- Hussayn, grandson of prophet Muhammad,  in expression of their happiness about of Sīsī’s success in the presidential elections. 
In the Maulid of Sīdī Abd al- Rahhīm  al-Qināwī, Sufī Saint, there was zikr and eulogies and horses dancing on rhythms of the flute. 
Thousands of Sufi followers have come to Cairo to visit the mosque of Sayyidah Zaynab, the granddaughter of the prophet, to celebrate her mūlid.
Thousands of Copts and Muslims have flocked to the Damīāna village in Daqahliyya on Wednesday to celebrate the St. Damīāna feast, which is held on May 12 to 30 every year.
The relationship between expatriates living in Egypt and Ramadan can be a love-hate relationship. Some might argue that Ramadan is the ‘most unproductive month of the year’. People work less hours and businesses can get a bit slow. On the other hand, however, very few can deny the level of...
Naja‘ Hammādī Prosecution ordered an autopsy be carried out on the body of Sāmih Badāyā, 25, who fell dead at the baker’s, to learn the cause of the death after news about a fight between the deceased and the owner of the bakery spread and 200 Copts demonstrated in front of Naja‘ Hammādī Hospital...
Pope Shenouda states that Christians do not celebrate mūlids but the holidays of saints
In spite of public denunciation Jews have celebrated their annual celebration of Abū Hasīrah under restricted security precautions.
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