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In the following interview Jamāl al-Bannā comments on the confiscation of his book. He denounces the restrictions imposed by the Azhar on the freedom of expression, and calls for more liberal thinking.
The following lines highlight the reality of printing and publishing the Mushaf in the Arab world in general and Egypt in particular. The text also sheds light on violations and laws in this area.
The Azhar officials have admitted the existence of copies of the Azhar Mushaf in Sudan that contain typographical mistakes
The author continues his writings about the history of the Muslim Brotherhood group and their relation with the Islamized terrorism in Egypt. He gives an overview of a book by one of the Brotherhood leaders to prove their terrorism.
Dr. Rifa’at Al-Said’s recent yet-another-controversial book “Hassan Al-Banna, the armed sheikh” is focusing on the moment when the da’wa [Call to Islam] via wisdom and affability turns into armed violence. This sums up the idea of the book considering many people’s defense of Hassan Al-Banna, on...
Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd delivered this lecture upon accepting the prestigious Cleveringa professorial chair at Leiden University in The Netherlands with the request to teach justice, freedom and responsibility and especially the freedom of religion and liberty of conscience. The lecture discussed the...
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