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Al-Dustūr interviews Dr. ‘Abd al-Sabūr Shāhīn who talks about the truth behind accusing Dr. Nasr Abū Zayd of apostasy.
Khalīl highlights a valuable piece of research presented at the second conference of “Egyptians against Discrimination” , entitled the name ‘Education and Citizenship’.
Father Salīb Mattá Sāwīris bemoans sectarianism and calls for equality.  
This article deals with the augmenting shaykhs’ hate discourse inside the mosques.
This article traces an interview with Dr Yūsuf Al-Qaradāwī in which he discussed Sayyīd Qutb’s "Fī Zilāl Al-Qur’ān" and his underlining theme of Takfīr. He discussed the issue of Qur’anic misinterpretation and treated the problems of Naskh and Isrā’īlīyāt.
The article reports on a clash between Muslims and Christians that took place in al-Hawasliya village in Upper Egypt.
al-Faris writes of the isolation of Copts in Society, the need for more churches, and the controversial 'Master Yacoub'.
Human rights centers in Egypt have stated that 27 sectarian events took place in the country in the last eight months. However, only four of these incidents were discussed in parliament. In addition many MPs believe that discussing sectarian incidents will only ignite more strife and add to...
The author discusses the dangerous rise in sectarian strife in Egypt.
Shaykh Jamāl Qutb calls for attaching a private Coptic-administered school to Azhar and the reactions of Copts.


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