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Al-Dustūr features Jamāl al-Bannā and writes about his life and ideas.
The author discusses the case of Wafā’ Qustantīn, and wonders why her case has been given such a great deal of attention.
An investigation by the Times has revealed that some Muslim children in the U.K are being abused and beaten by their teachers at Islamic evening classes.
This article highlights some Western misconceptions about Islam.
Hulsman flags up articles 5-8 in this issue that concern sūrah 2:256 of the Qur’ān and whether it is abrogated or not. He also draws the reader’s attention to a number of article that focus on issues that threaten the social peace of society
The article presents background information on the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and the organization itself.
Last year the Muslim Brotherhood issued the first draft of its political platform, the author comments that the document made use of modern democracy-based vocabulary but questions whether the platform really advocates a civil state.
The International Union for Muslim has issued a statement saying that Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī is a symbol of the Ummah.
There is a common belief in the West that Christians in Muslim countries are discriminated against, or sometimes even persecuted. While discrimination does exist, the situation is usually far more complex, argues Hulsman in this editorial. He also points out that while the Egyptian legal system...
The following article discusses the idea of presenting Jesus Christ on a satellite program as depicted in the Qur’ān.


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