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The Administrative Court has rejected a lawsuit that called for the Copts’ conference to be canceled.
In a recent courtroom incident a Muslim lawyer claimed there is no Christianity in Egypt and tried to attack the Christian lawyer Najīb Jibrā’īl.
The Azhar recently released a fatwá that calls for tough penalties against people who convert to Islam and then revert back to their original religion. Opinions are divided as to what effect this fatwá could have on Egyptian society.
The article looks at recent incidents of fundamentalism in Egypt, citing the examples of a university course at Alexandria University and an Islamic thinker who has accused priests of secretly baptising converts.
Tāriq Abū al-‘Aynayn responds to an article published in al-Hayāt on January 3, 2008, authored by the Egyptian researcher ‘Amr Hamzāwī, entitled, ‘Transformation in state-society relations in Egypt, whereto?’
The article reports on recent verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court that obliges the Ministry of Interior to officially acknowledge the conversion to Christianity on the identity cards of Christian-born converts to Islam.
A woman appeals against a ruling that has sent her into prison for three years on charges of corrupting her identity card to change religion entry form Islam to Christianity, although she has never had an identity card.
The author, Hānī Labīb, praises untraditional thoughts of the moderate Islamic thinker Mr. Jamāl al-Bannā on issues of the relations between Islam and politics.
The article discusses the process of increasing the space allocated for religious items in the media during the Muslim holy month of Ramaḍān, and the decrease in articles that discuss topics related to non-Muslims.
The article describes the outcomes of a recent seminar in which a number of Muslim scholars discussed the application of Riddah in Islam.


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