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Muhammad Yūsuf ‘Abd al-Rahman ‘Abd Allāh, an Egyptian Salafist who obtained the alias Shaykh Abū Ahmad as soon as he was approved as member of ‘Usāmah Bin Lādin’s al-Qā’idah network, said the jihādists do not recognize the state or ruler simply because he does not pursue the path of God. [‘Abd al-...
The trial of a Salafī preacher and others on charges of disdaining Christianity started on Sunday (September 30) as the environs of the court saw clashes between Islamists supporting the defendants and Copts before the session was adjourned to October 14.
The German intelligence service is searching for 35 German jihādists in Egypt after Germany expressed concerns about Salafī threats to carry out terrorist operations on its soil.
Most Rev. Munīr Hannā Anīs, the head of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt, said Copts have fears about power under the Muslim Brotherhood group, adding more than 100,000 Egyptian Christians emigrated last year.  
Muhammad al-‘Azab, a member of the Shūrá Council from the Salafī al-Nūr Party and member of the National Council of Human Rights, severely criticized U.S. President Obama’s speech before the UN on Tuesday (September 25), adding the address was void of the simplest rules of diplomacy as he said he...
Abū Islām, prior to referral to the court, said he meant to insult U.S. Pastor Terry Jones, who called for a so-called Qur’ān Burning Day, back.
Badī’, who was addressing more than 1200 young people members of the Brotherhood, highlighted the importance of achieving unity with all groups of the Egyptian people.
Representatives of the Egyptian Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic churches met Saturday (September 22) at the St. Mark Cathedral in the Cairo district of al-‘Abbāssīyah under acting patriarch Bishop Pachomius and all agreed to refuse the addition of an article sanctioning the Azhar to have sole...
Haggling renewed over Article II of the constitution on Saturday (September 22)
Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al-Salām, a representative of the Azhar on the constitution-drafting panel, said the Azhar demands keeping the text of Article II as mentioned in the 1971 intact, which is advocated by the representatives of the three churches.  


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