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“You do not deserve freedom and justice, if you deny them for your opponents, and if you do not strive to grant them the full rights of citizenship, so be sure that no one will strive for yours, unless you experience the bitter taste of being segregated. Freedom, justice and equality are rights...
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
U.S. ambassador in Cairo Anne Patterson met on Wednesday (October 10) with Coptic activists who spoke to her about the status of religious minorities in Egypt under President Muhammad Mursī, a few days after her meeting with Egyptian Shiite leaders who told her they applied for the Dutch...
Salafi preacher, Walīd Isma’il, coordinator of the Coalition of Defense of the Companions and Family of Prophet, has revealed that a new husayniah (Shi’ite mosque) is being constructed [Salafis are strongly opposed to Shi’ites].
The annual sūfī Iftār was held at the headquarters of the ‘Azmiyyah tarīqah in the neighborhood of Sayyidah Zaynab yesterday. As well as the presence of several Sūfī sheikhs, there was also a diplomatic Iranian delegation present, under the supervision of Tawfīq al-Samdī, political advisor to the...
The coalition of lovers of the companions of the prophet, who oppose Shi’tes,  stated that the Iranian Embassy in Egypt is sponsoring conversion of individuals to Shi’ism in Egypt.  
Dr. Tawfīq Masrūr, one of the leaders of the Shi’ite Mahdāwiyah movement in Morocco  called upon the movements supporters in Egypt, through an electronic message,  to hold elections and nominate names for the position of the movement’s head and treasurer in Egypt (
The Azhar issued a decision to send preaching convoys to different governorates that would, as part of its job, alert to the Shi’te danger and sectarian strife and its impact on the unity of the ummah and social stability. 
The Azhar Shaykh, Ahmad al- Tayyib, received Dr. Khudair al- Khuzā’ī, vice president of Iraq. Khuzā’ī stated that the Islamic ummah agrees that the Azhar is the symbol for moderate thought.


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