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Mamdouh Nakhla, head of the Al -Kalīma Center for Human Rights, is participating with Muhammed al-Dirinī and ‘Aboud al- Zumour in the authorship of a book entitled "The Hell Capital" about how Christians and prisoners are treated in Egypt.
President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak sent yesterday his warm greetings to Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, and to Egyptian Copts abroad, extending his best wishes for Easter to all Orthodox churches.
To revive the Azhar, many professors and scholars advocate choosing the shaykh of the Azhar by election instead of appointment.
The Mufti of Egypt allowed veiled Muslim women who live in Western countries to remove their veil, if they found that it exposed them to danger or threatened their lives. This was as a result of the present circumstances Muslims are confronting in such countries as a reaction to the attacks in...
Tal‘at Radwān, author of the article, reviews three books on political Islam by three different writers.
Discussion of a draft resolution being studied by an Egyptian human rights watchdog pertaining to the building of houses of worship.
The conviction of a young journalist, Amīra Malash, in a libel suit has created uproar amongst the press and journalists and human rights activists have stood up defending freedom of expression.
Five–day visit of Prof. Dr. van Agt to Egypt in support of the development of CAWU. The real test of freedom of thought The Holocaust denial of David Irving.
Dr. Thanā’ Fou’ād ‘Abd Allāh discusses the issue of improving the conditions of women in Saudi Arabia. Although there is trend that asks for the liberation of women, there is also another stream that opposes what they call ‘westernizing’ Saudi women.
The author discusses two controversial documents in the constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as articles that spark incessant arguments about the top position in the outlawed group.
The review concerns the recent arrests of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, on charges of holding a meeting in violation of the law and the constitution.
The article reports on two iftar dinners hosted by two Coptic NGOs. The first iftar was hosted by the Coptic Association of Al-Salam [peace] and the second was hosted by the Coptic Association of the Fruit of Love
The article reports about the iftar dinner hosted by Pope Shenouda at the St. Mark Cathedral. It was attended by the Speaker of the People’s Assembly, the Speaker of the Shoura Counil, the Sheikh of the Azhar, Minister of Awqaf, some ministers, Mr. Gamal Mubarak, the head of Policies Secretariat of...
The author explicitly clarifies the meaning of the religious discourse and points out its sources and principles. He defines the term “religious discourse” as a package of general principles that form a program defining the conduct of a Muslim individual or group, in accordance with fundamental...
The article is an interview with Sheikh Nabawi Al-Eish, who gave the controversial fatwa that incriminated dealing with the Iraqi transitional ruling council. The fatwa is reportedly rejected by the American Embassy in Egypt.
Sawt al-Umma reports that the Shaykh of the Azhar has accepted an invitation to attend the Hanukah celebration in Egypt, while on the same day, Rose al-Yousuf publishes the Azhar’s denial of the news.
The article gives comments on the reaction of Abu Hamza Al-Massri towards the statements of Karam Zuhdi.
The Shura Council has agreed upon establishing a national council for human rights. The author interviewed many human rights activists to give their comments on the advantages and disadvantages of establishing such a council.
The author argues that the concept of jihad does exist in Christianity and Judaism as it exists in Islam. She even tries to give the impression that jihad in the sense of killing and violence is not the basic form of Jihad in Islam while it is as such in Christianity and Judaism.
Sawt al-Umma succeeded in conducting interviews with al-Jamā‘āt al-Islāmīya affiliates living in London about the explosions that took place
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