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Members of the Sufi sect of Islam promote an ideology to counter the influence of Wahhābism.
Sūfīs in Alexandria were surprised by the blatant attacks by the Ministry of Awqāf (Religious Endowments) on their shrines and mosques. The attacks included the devastation of shrines and replacing the mosques marble pillars with concrete ones, in addition to stealing the contents of a number of...
Amin Makram Ebeid writes: Cornelis Hulsman kindly asked me to write a few lines on the tragic events that took place in Naj‘ Hammādī and how this could be best managed, punishing the responsible people and working towards reconciliation between Muslims and Christians in the region.  
CIDT’s Jayson Casper speaks to Sheikh Ahmad al-Sayih, a professor of Islamic doctrine at Al Azhar University who is originally from the governorate of Qena, about the attacks against Coptic Christians in Nag Hamadi.      
Two Arab-West Report interns report on a Sūfī dancing performance by the Al Tannoura dance troupe at the Wikala of Al Ghouri in Cairo.
An important international congress on the 13th century Andalusian sūfī philosopher Ibn ‘Arabi has just finished in the Egyptian capital. The author also brings the reader’s attention to two articles about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood and an interesting article about freedom of expression in...
The article mentions books that have been banned or approved by the Islamic Research Academy.
Subhī Mijāhid interviews Holland Taylor, founder of the Libforall Foundation.
Sūfī leaders in Egypt have debated a U.S. conference on international Sūfism, fearing it might lead to the spread of the Shī‘ī creed in the country.
The author reviews the contributions of the well-known German Orientalist Anne Marie Schimmel on the fifth anniversary of her death.


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