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The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
Rose al-Yūsuf published an interview with Father Scattolin, the Comboni monk and expert in S...
Dr. Fātimah Sayyid Ahmad reports on her personal experience with followers of the Burhānīyah Sūfī order who invited her to spend a day trip to Disūq to discover the reality of their belief. However, she was stunned by the kind of Islamic teachings they present, believing that this deviated group...
The author talks about al-Burhāniyyah, a Ṣūfī method which has been legally banned at Egypt, but there is an attempt to return it back through distributing a Masbahah and a paper containing incorrect names for Prophet Muhammad.
The author narrates a background history to the deteriorating situation of Christians in the East. He identifies the reasons behind this deterioration and discusses the origins of religious fundamentalism and the autocratic regimes in the Arab world.
The author discusses the issue of books in Egypt spreading the ideal of sedition. He questions why these books are permitted to be published, and stresses the damage that this causes to the principles of citizenship.
Rumors circulate in the Egyptian political context about the Ṣūfīs targeting influential political positions in Egypt. There are 73 Ṣūfī orders and 11 million Murīds, assert researchers in Ṣūfism in Egypt.
An interview with the Muftī of Egypt, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah. The Muftī discusses current issues about Fatwás and the functioning of Dār al-Iftā’. He further comments on hot current Islamic issues.
al-Aḥrār published a file about the three minorities in Egypt: Copts, Shī‘ah and Nubians. The file sheds light on the historic backgrounds and the current situations of these minorities. Nāhid al-Nibrāwī, editor of the file presents an observation of reality and viewpoints of minorities leading...
The Coptic Orthodox Church’s discourse about virtue and chastity imposes heavy burdens on Copts and creates serious problems. A priest was promoted to a higher administrative position in the church due to his restricted recommendations of virtue and chastity and his skill in fundraising.


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