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Rev. Rif‘at Fikrī Sa‘īd writes about the policy of Takfīr followed by both Muslims and Christians.
Rose al-Youssef has taken upon itself to confront two recent, suspicious, religion-related phenomena. One is the new breed of Shaykh preaching in private homes. The other is the hypocritical defense of Islām in the face of a wave of offending literary works. There is now a third phenomenon...
Safā’ Mustafá warns about the spread of new private Islamic institutes which are not supervised by either the Azhar or the Ministry of Awqāf. She believes that these could promote false teachings of Islām with their emphasis on less educated preachers.
Father Giuseppe Scattolin, a professor of Islamic mysticism at the Faculty of Religious Studies of the Rome-based Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi ed’Islamistica (P.I.S.A.I.) [Reviewer: Pontifical Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies] speaks to al-Wafd about his interest in Islamic Sūfism...
Najīb Mahfūz’s novels are full of religious symbols. Many religious notions have become moral ones through time, language and social traditions.
The author reviews the book ‘Listening to Islam’ by The Revd. Dr. John Watson, in which he “brings to light the intimate prayerful relationship that the devout Catholic monk, Thomas Merton, had with the Pakistani Sufi mystic-scholar, Abdul Aziz.” Watson asserts “Islam deserves to be listened to.”
The author writes about Sūfism, asserting that claims that it is responsible for Muslims’ backwardness are untrue.
Ahmad Abu al-Hassan presents Colonel Qadhāfī as the leader of the new war between the Sufist and the Salafist movements. Qadhāfī’s war is one in which all possible weapons are to be employed.
The author spoke about Qinā governor Majdī Ayoub Iskandar, who is the third Christian governor in the history of Egypt, the reasons for his appointment and his view of Muslim- Christian relations in Egypt.
Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd is upset about the media debate on Islam in the West. Abu Zayd rejects the view that Islam should be held responsible for extremist attacks. The political discourse as reflected in Western media did not mind its language. The media debate on Islam is getting more entrapped in the...


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