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Suggested changes to the child law have provoked far-reaching debates. The issues of female circumcision, a child's paternity and the law's adherence to the principles of Sharī‘ah are three of the key topics that have come under analysis.
A review of Dr. Muhammad Salīm al-‘Awā’s book about circumcision for girls.
Amīrah Ibrāhīm reports on the fatwá issued by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī concerning prayer time during working hours.
The Legislative Committee of the People's Assembly has decided to remove a number of debatable articles that were suggested as amendments to the Child Law.
‘Abd al-Latīf Fāyid writes about the importance of developing education in Egypt.
The following lines present a review of the special file published by al-Ahrār highlighting the national and international reactions to Dr. Zaynab Radwān’s calls to make the testimonies of men and women equal in courts and to give a Jewish or Christian woman the right to inherit from her Muslim...
Muhammad Nūr reports on the different opinions of Muslim scholars concerning the recent fatwá of Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī regarding prayer times.
The Azhar comments on the educational system in its schools.
The Egyptian Shūrá Council approved the suggested draft law about children’s right in Egypt. The law stimulated heated discussions in and outside the council. The new law prohibits female genital mutilation and gives children the right to file claims against their parents if subjected to physical...
Jamāl Sulaymān and Ihāb Nafi‘ write about the possibility of establishing an Egyptian religious satellite channel administered by the Azhar.


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