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Sheikh Yousef el-Badri asked his former colleague Dr. Abdel Sabour Shahin to repent over a book he wrote about Adam. If Shahin doesn’t repent, Badri will bring him before court and ask the judge to divorce Shahin from his wife such as the two sheikhs did together with Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid a few years...
In an interview with the Muslim intellectual Dr. Abdullah Saleh Al-Obaid, Secretary General of the Islamic World Association, he said that Muslims and Christians in the Islamic East cooperate and live in peace since the rise of Islam.
False claims are made that Islam violates human rights. The notion of human rights in the West is used to make false claims against Islam.
The American Zionists conspiracies in the last two decades wanted to mislead the Copts. To weaken their traditional relations with Muslims they have used disloyal Coptic Organizations that work from abroad and co-operate with some Westernized people in Egypt.
The De La Salle School in Al-Dhahir, Cairo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by holding a number of seminars and intellectual fora aimed at confirming the role of education in instilling the principles of mutual respect and acceptance of others.
An interview with the Mufti Dr. Nasr Farid Wasil on Jerusalem, Kosovo and women.
15 members of the Azhar scholar’s front met and decided to change the president, the secretary general and the first deputy of the front. The three that were ousted were the same people who led the campaign against the Sheik of the Azhar. A spokesman for the front was also appointed to block the...


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