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In this article, Al-Ahrar judges the Muslim thinker and writer Muammar Al-Qadhafi. Regarding the Sunna, he said that he refused the Hadiths of the Prophet because he had created them or it had been created by other people. Al-Qadhafi said once to the Iraqi scholars that the Hadiths of the Prophet...
In this article, the author of the substitute of the Sunna involves the name of Libya’s president in the same case. He said that Al-Qadhafi and he had taken their information from one source and consequently the results were the same.
At last, the author of the substitute of the Sunna book appeared in Cairo. Al-Mahdawi failed in the first exam that was held by Al-Ahrar newspaper of him. It was known that Al-Mahdawi denied the Sunna and yet he described the deniers of the Sunna as being damned on earth.
An article in Al-Arabi newspaper under the title "Islam is innocent in relation to the punishment for apostasy" claimed that the Prophet did not kill the apostates and that the punishment for apostasy was invented by the jurists. I can present to you many verses which prove that the apostates were...
Sobhi Mansour and Rashad Khalifa said in one voice that everyone who says that Mohammed is the prophet of God is an apostate. According to al-Ahrar Sobhi Mansour said that Al-Azhar is the castle of the devil.
Al-Ahrar succeeded in revealing the hidden connections between Egypt and India. The head of the Sunna deniers lives in India.
The Sunna deniers claim that the Sunna is full of lies. Prominent thinkers Judge al-Ashmawy and Mustafa Mahmud are attacked.
The deniers of the Sunna formulated some new beliefs of their own. Some of these new beliefs are mentioned.
The deniers of the Sunna published a book, which is regarded as a substitute of the prophet’s Hadiths. In this book, they state their beliefs.
Gamal Al-Banna says that he has not denied the Sunna, but what he has been asking for is to purify the Hadiths from all that is untrue and fabricated. He recently claimed that 90% of the Hadiths are not true and do not agree with the Qur’an. Dr. Yahia Ismael says the Al-Banna has not the right...


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